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Dr. Waddee Thoroughgood, Jr.

Lead Pastor

My Story

Waddee Bernell Thoroughgood, Jr. was born, to the late Pastor YD and Mrs. Shylene Thoroughgood, on May 21, 1980. It was declared prior to birth that he would preach  the word of GOD and possess spiritual gifts.

Pastor Thoroughgood is the product of the legacy left by his great grandfather, the late Pastor Charles Thourogood, grandfather, the late Pastor John T. Thourogood, Sr., uncle  and mentor, Bishop Barnett Karl Thoroughgood, and his  father, The late Pastor Yd B. Thoroughgood Sr. Pastor Thoroughgood has been a member of The Church of the Advent (Formally known as Bright Star) since birth. He is the third Pastor in succession, following his Grandfather, John Thomas Thourogood who Pastored from 1959-1979 and his father, Pastor Y.D Thoroughgood who Pastored from 1979-2016 Pastor Thoroughgood worked avidly in the ministry as a young child on the usher board, music department, youth and evangelism departments. 

A product of the Virginia Beach public school system, he graduated from Princess Anne High School in 1998. After high school, in August of 1998, he further pursued his education at Tidewater Community College and later at South University. 

In November of 2002, Pastor Thoroughgood joined the Church of God in Christs National Adjutancy, then under the leadership of Adjutant Bishop Barnett Karl Thoroughgood and in August of 2004, Pastor Thoroughgood was licensed as a Minister at Church of The Advent Church of God in Christ. 

In August of 2011, under the hand of Bishop Samuel L Green Jr, Pastor Thoroughgood was ordained as an Elder in the Church of God in Christ, 2nd Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Virginia.

In November of 2012, he began to work under his father, Superintendent YD B. Thoroughgood Sr and The Church of God in Christ's staff of National Adjutants and Marshall's as a member of the Ecclesiastical Commission.

In October of 2017, Pastor Thoroughgood became a member of the Virginia Beach Public Schools Steering Committee working with Virginia Beach school officials to make decisions on 
progressively advancing Virginia Beach schools through their curriculum, health and wellness. 

In July of 2018, Dr. Thoroughgood led Church of the Advent in a drive to pay off the property they acquired In November of 2001, leaving them debt free. Also, In 2018, He received an Honorary Doctoral Degree in Divinity from Saint Thomas University, FL.

In August of 2019, he was appointed as Pastor Designee for the New Jerusalem Church Of God In Christ and has since been officially appointed as the Senior Pastor. Through the ministry of The New Jerusalem Church, Pastor Thoroughgood is now an advisor to City Council members, he works with the Chaplains for the City of Virginia Beach, and was offered a seat in the City of Virginia Beach Planning commission. 

In 2020, he was elevated to the position of Adjutant Overseer assigned to the International Men’s Department of the Church of God in Christ, led by Bishop Michael B. Golden Jr and in 2021, was elevated to Servant Leader, assigned to The General Board Chambers. In November of 2022, He was appointed by the Presiding Bishop J. Drew Sheard as the Adjutant Apostolic of the Church of God In Christ. 

He is married to the beautiful Nekeysha Thoroughgood and together they parent 5 beautiful children. Pastor Thoroughgood is the product of the prayers sent long before he was born. His greatest desire is to continue to have his will bound with the will of the Father. Simply stated, to just say “Yes" to the will of GOD.

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